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Follow up report: I had my annual checkup and I am happy to report that since last June, I have gained 5 pounds

My A1c levels have dropped  to a normal level. Thank you for your guidance and I hope that I will continue to improve.


Hello Lois, After 90+ days on my improved diet I lost 10 pounds and my A1C went from 6.9 to 5.4!! I have not been under 6.0 for 7 + years. I am waiting to see if Dr. wants to reduce my metformin. Thanks for your plan of improvement. I will be back in touch down the road to review status.


Good morning, Lois.  I wanted to let you know about my Mom’s wonderful progress.  Since our visit with you back in April, I think, my Mom has been following a healthy, balanced food plan and as a result, her Doctor has taken her off the medication, she has lost weight and is more alert. Her ankles now look like the slender ones I remember her having many years ago. At 91, she attends a daily social program and is walking out of doors, weather permitting. Your gentle, kind professional advice was a life changer for Mom. Thanks again for your guidance. The best to you and your family in the New Year!


Hi Lois, I had my three month blood work and visit with endocrinologist last week and I did fabulously! I’ve lost a total of 27 pounds since July 17th. My daily average BG is below 100. And my A1C is 5!!! Down from 13 at time of diagnosis in July. My cholesterol is 100! Dr. will give me another three months on diet and if LDL cholesterol doesn’t go down more, she’ll put me on statin at that time. But since it’s substantially lower, she wants to give me some more time. She took me off metformin the stomach issues were unbearable. She increased dosage of Trulicity. She feels I don’t need the metformin if I stick to diet.


I am so happy I spoke to you. I have had 3 movements with no flare.  This is a Great Day! Thank you, I hope your day was great!


Hi Lois!  Just wanted to share with you my good news: I reached my goal of a steady 100 lbs.  I also tested negative on my 2nd SIBO test recently.  I can eat a lot more foods so needless to say I am thrilled. I look so much better and feel better. Still on the path of gaining more weight, but now I can take a breather and enjoy the ride! Hope all is well with you.

Lois response: That is fantastic!  so glad for you  It was a long road but you did it!!


Thank you! You were an integral part of my healing.  You taught me a lot and I really appreciate it So, thank you so much!!


Because of you (and some other supplements) I was able to get my LDL lower and total cholesterol without meds.  I needed to work harder to get it below the recommended levels. Cool!!


Hi Lois, The good news is that I lost  another 2 pounds since we last met and the endocrinologist who I saw for the first time last week said my Blood Sugar Levels came down tremendously due to diet NOT metformin since my GP only had me on 5 mg once a day which in essence was doing nothing to lower my blood sugar. So she gave me credit for making those lifestyle changes and eating habit changes which I share with you! Thank you.


Good Morning Lois – I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for all of the wonderful strategies that you taught to me in managing diabetes.  I continue to lose weight (151 pounds now). My recent doctor visit was very good – A1C down to 6.4 from 8.4, cholesterol in the normal range and cardiac enzymes vastly improved with a 240 point decrease in triglycerides. Thank you again for all your guidance, you really helped me so much.


Hi Lois–I figure that anyone can feel good about causing a success story.. so when I came to you in April, my A1C was 7.6. Then it went on to: 4/17 6.5, 8/17 6.0. And today it was 5.4!!! Thanks for your help!


Ok Lois. I’m brainwashed!  Got hungry for lunch and wanted to try Shake Shack on 110. Reading menu from right left and checking calories and opted for single hamburger with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Really wanted cheeseburger, fries and shake but OPTED out. Had a good laugh with my single burger and tap water!


Hello Lois…Just wanted to let you know went to DR. last night… Weight 193lbs…A1C… ARE YOU READY??? 5.7% Put it in your book… you deserve it. Thanks.


Hi Lois.  I just wanted to let u know 2 of my doctors. took your phone number so they can recommend you, one is an endocrinologist, he is very happy with my results, my A1C went from 7.7 to 7.0 in May.


Hi Lois- I just want to reach out to let you know that my daughter is still doing well.  She’s also happy and doing well in school.  We owe most of it to you!!!


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